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Curling is great for any age group from youngsters on up.

They may not be Olympic Medals but the hats are pretty cool!

You may even see some celebrities!

We don’t just have fun on the ice, but off the ice as well.

Friendly Competition

Much like golf, curling is a friendly game with the highest standards of sportsmanship.  We wish each other “Good curling!” to start every game, and we socialize together after.

It's Great Exercise

During the winter, it’s too easy to stay inside and be lazy.  We’ll keep you active.

Did you know?
A middle aged adult can burn 350 – 500 calories in a game.

Social Benefits

You’re going to meet people of all ages, and make a lot of great friends.  Members also have social activities available throughout the year, like our annual Preakness Party.

It all sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Come see what we’re all about.  Your next step is to come to an Open House or Curling 101.


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We're so awesome, people gladly pay more.
  • Access to open curling times
  • Join a league (or several)
  • Slide around the ice like a pro
  • Understand the game
  • See your great friends
  • Be a curling ambassador
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2nd Year Member

  • Access to open curling times
  • Join a league (or several)
  • Slide around the ice like a pro
  • Really start to learn the game
  • See your good friends
  • Be a curling ambassador
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Junior Member

For those under 18
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Here’s what our members have to say

Don’t just take it from a website.  Take it from real people you haven’t met.

The only thing better than curling is the people who curl.

Lorrie Needles

The fun of curling, is curling.

Charlie Flamand

Some of the best friends I have are ones I’ve made through curling.

Martin Wyatt

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