The Miller

In February, the Chesapeake Curling club holds its annual in-club bonspiel named for one of the founding members of the club, Bill Miller. The bonspiel is a one-day event, open to full members of the Chesapeake Curling Club. The winning team names are inscribed on the Miller trophy and a pin is awarded to each of the four team members.

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Previous winners:

2015 – Sandy Bemis, Ed France, Paul Johnson, Renee Crump
2014 – Rick Bulala, Deirdre Bugg, Corey Jenkins, Matt O’Shea
2013 – Jeannie Henkel, Steve Gehnrich, Jan Finger, Bob Stiller
2012 – Jeannie Henkel, Matt O’Shea, Travis Fisher, StayC Smith
2011 – Dick Bemis, Karyn Meadows, Tommy Healy and Serena McDonough
2010 – Sandy Bemis, Lorrie Needles, Jan Finger
2009 – Jeanne Henkel, John Foster, Barbara Lavin, Pam Parks
2008 – Debbie Hayes, Dick Bemis, Betty Bartlett, Joe Baily
2007 – Sandy Bemis, Julie Tsamoutales, Cindy Beckley, Bill Crane
2006 – Sandy Seebach, John Hutchison, John Schmidt, Diane Callahan