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Our first Learn to Curl event takes place on December 15!

As seen on TV!

Our family came to a Learn to Curl at Chesapeake Curling Club two years ago and it was love at first slide.  Like many others, we danawere fascinated about the sport of curling and we had watched it on the Olympics for years.  When we discovered we could actually try our hand at delivering and sweeping a stone we jumped at the chance.  We came for the sport but stayed for the people. Curlers are some of THE nicest people on the face of the planet and the members at Chesapeake are welcoming and supportive.  Curling is as much about socialization and camaraderie as it is about rich tradition and the spirit of competition.  Curling is also an adaptive sport that can be played well into the golden years.   And if none of this convinces you to come out and give curling a try, consider the look on your friend’s faces when you tell them that you projected a 42 pound piece of solid granite 125 feet across a sheet of ice…all by yourself…epic bragging rights will be yours forever! 

Dana Weisgerber

Our Bonspiels

We host many awesome bonspiels throughout the season.  Check them out!

Learn to Curl

Come and try your hand at this exciting sport – it’s both fun and challenging!! Beginners quickly get going on the ice and have a great time – right from the start.

News from the Hogline – October 2018

SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th: Bull & Goat Gathering/Fall Meeting @ 3pm The Second Saturday event runs from 12-5pm so feel free to get there early and grab a beer and a bite to eat from the food truck. They will have live entertainment as well. Bring a lawn chair - I...

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See What it’s Like to Learn to Curl

On February 25, the Chesapeake Curling Club hosted the sports podcasts Section 336 and Glenn Clark Radio for a Learn to Curl session and a 6 end competitive game.  The stakes were high, with the losing team forced to eat a head of iceburg lettuce (like an...

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Introducing the Olympic New Curler Experience

The Winter Olympics are over.  You've seen the US Men take home their first ever Olympic Gold, and now you're amped up to try curling!  So how do you start? The Chesapeake Curling Club's Olympic New Curler Experience provides you with introductory instruction to the...

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Learn to Curl Opportunities

The Chesapeake Curling Club has the following Learn to Curl opportunities available for the public to TRY CURLING! Learn to Curl teaches the basics in about an hour.  We have openings for February 17 and February 24.  The cost is just $20. The New Olympic Curling...

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