On February 25, the Chesapeake Curling Club hosted the sports podcasts Section 336 and Glenn Clark Radio for a Learn to Curl session and a 6 end competitive game.  The stakes were high, with the losing team forced to eat a head of iceburg lettuce (like an apple) during their next broadcast.

Both crews had a great time learning the sport of curling, and fought with a competitive spirit.  But in the end, only one show could lay claim to the victory.  Watch the video below to see who won!

The Chesapeake Curling Club offers several Learn to Curl Opportunities each year.  We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of curling to residents in Maryland and Delaware, with our members coming from Annapolis, Dover, coastal Maryland and Delaware, Salisbury, and all towns and cities in between to enjoy curling in Easton, Maryland.